What to Wear to a Wedding?

Posted on 9th July 2015

As the mother of the bride, you’ve probably waited all your life for your daughter’s big day. Being part of the celebrations means you are going to be by her side constantly throughout the ceremony and festivities, standing out a little on your own as well. So then do you know what you should be wearing on your daughter’s special day?

Talk to the Bride

Take cues from your daughter. She’s been planning it all along and she probably has something in mind for you too. She may point you in the right direction with colours, textures and the overall theme. This is just the start. Once you have an idea about what she wants, don’t forget to personalise it to showcase your tastes and preferences.

The Wedding Party and the Wedding Theme

These are two critical things to consider. You don’t have to dress like the bridesmaids, but you must not stand out in contrast either. Similarly, dress for the occasion. For instance, if it’s a garden wedding in the summer, you probably cannot wear a formal gown for the wedding. A more chic and classic skirt-jacket would be the right call. You’ll have to opt for pastels or summer hues to complement the wedding décor and setting as well.

Get a Head Start with your Dress for the Wedding

The hunt may not be as easy as you think, especially given the bride’s ideas and your preferences put together. So start well ahead of time. Grab a few swatches of the bridesmaids’ dresses to help you find the right colour and fabric. If the bridesmaids are dressed in teal, a navy blue silk dress and coat may work for you.

It’s also proprietary to keep in mind the groom’s mother. Give her a call; let her know what you’ve picked up. She should know what the rest of the bridal party is going to wear too.

Don’t Forget Hair and Accessories

From simple crystal hair clips glistening in your upswept hair to your hosiery and purse, pay attention to it all. Your dress alone cannot do the trick. You must make sure your entire appearance is taken care of with the right hairdo and accessories.

Know Where to Shop

Steer clear of department store shopping if that’s where you are headed. Your dress has to be more customised and unique. Call in at our Fareham store, we sometimes have offers on mother of the bride outfits too. You can also shop online – click on the navigation above to view a small selection of what we have in stock.

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