What to Wear to a Garden Party?

Posted on 29th October 2015

Garden Party

It is always a joy to go to a garden party, you’ll have a fun time dancing, eating fancy cakes, drinking wine and chatting with friends, all in the natural beauty of the garden setting.

Garden parties are usually held during the summer any time from late morning to sunset, these parties are usually quite casual so you can just wear something like shorts and jeans if you wish, however, if it is a formal event, you need to wear something a little fancier.

A garden party is an excuse for you to wear your vivid outfits and unique party accessories.

Here are some dress ideas that you can use when attending a garden party

Summer Dress
The summer dresses are cute, flirty, and attractive, they are also light, comfortable, easy to clean, and fun to accessorize, when picking the right summer dress, go for the one that fits your body type.

Shirt Dress
Shirt dresses are hip and comfortable, they are loose fitting so you will still feel cool even on hot summer days, they also go with accessories like dangling earrings or signature bracelets.
White Lace Dress
The white lace dress is classy, clean-looking, and it is perfect for a summer garden party, it is feminine and is perfect for those party selfies.

Pencil Dress
If you have natural curves, then wearing a pencil dress is a perfect way to flaunt them, you can pair pencil dresses with stiletto heels and a good pair of dangling earrings when you’re attending an evening party, or a cute bolero with flat shoes if the garden party is in the afternoon.

Printed Top and Jeans
You can wear a classy printed top, a good pair of skinny jeans, and stiletto heels,this will surely make you look fresh, fashionable, and attractive. When you are wearing this ensemble, it is important not to over-accessorize, you can just wear a nice watch and a pair of diamond or pearl earrings.

Some basic tips that you should follow when dressing up for a garden party

Do not wear knits as they are heavy, opt for lightweight fabrics like chiffon and georgette.

Avoid wearing velvet and satin outfits as these are for evening parties.

Do not wear embellished, beaded, or sequined dresses, these dresses are too much for garden parties, save these dresses for formal events.

Garden parties have great ambience and a forest like vibe. So, avoid wearing animal prints as these garments will make you look like a jungle woman! You can wear geometric and floral prints instead.

Go for pastel colours, they blend well with the ambience of the garden, you can wear lavender, peach, mint green or sky blue dresses.

Do not wear clothes that are too revealing, avoid low cut and backless dresses.

You can wear chic hats like beach and fedora style hats, you can also carry a classy summer umbrella to protect you from the hot weather.

Garden parties are fun, exciting, and classy, but more than that, it is a wonderful opportunity to flaunt your summer dresses, too.


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