What to wear on a Cruise

Posted on 25th May 2015

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With the cost of Cruise holidays becoming more affordable, more and more people are giving this this type of holiday a try for the first time, we all know if we take a package tour abroad, staying in a Hotel or Self Catering apartment, we take a selection of clothing, some swimwear and personal items, it's all pretty straight forward, but for some reason the thought of packing for a Cruise suddenly sends many people ito a panick - What do I wear on a Cruise?

Here we've put together an article and a video that should give you a rough idea, it's not as daunting these days as it may seem, the article is a little 'American' but it gives you the general idea.

What to Do on a Cruise Ship Presents Tips for Packing for Your Cruise

By James Alexander

When it comes to packing for your cruise, many inexperienced cruisers are at a loss. Even us more seasoned cruisers are apt to forget some basic, yet not often thought of items. So here are a few tips to help you along the way.

Clothing – the most apparent of items. What outfits you bring will be highly dependent upon both what areas you will be visiting and what time of year you cruise. Obviously you would pack much differently if you were taking off on an Alaskan cruise in November than you would if you were going to the Bahamas in July. Therefore it is somewhat difficult to list all likely clothing items to pack. Just be sure to pack accordingly and consider these tips: when packing swimming suits, pack at least 2 suits per person. This prevents you from having to put a cold, wet suit back on later in the day. Even if you’re going on a cruise to the tropics, you will still want to pack a light jacket or long sleeved shirt for the breezy nights if you tend to get cold easily. Remember to pack for those formal dinners on board too! I would also highly suggest hats and sunglasses as you spend a lot of time in full sunlight.

Shoes – like clothing this depends upon your destination and when it is when you go. Also take into account any shore excursions you may go on , as these may require footwear you may not typically wear on a cruise. Whatever you decide to take, just be sure it’s comfortable as you do a lot of walking around the ship. You may also want to check the cruise line website to see if certain shoes are prohibited.

Hygiene items – much like hotels, most staterooms have your standard soap and shampoo. Some cruise lines also supply a razor and mini sized lotions, shaving creams, etc. I would still suggest taking your own as you more than likely use more and better quality items than what is offered.


Medications – be sure to have all prescriptions filled before your cruise. When packing medications make sure they are in their prescription packages, as cruise lines and US Customs can require that you provide them with proof of your prescription. So no unmarked bottles! Also be sure to take along a few band aids, Neosporin, aspirin or ibuprophen, Imodium, etc. Buying these on board can be pricey and if you ask the ship’s doctor for them you risk being placed in quarantine for a few days or possibly the duration of your cruise. Cruise ships take illness and contamination very seriously and won’t risk that your suspected indigestion may be actually an air borne virus.

Misc – many people like to bring along miscellaneous items. For instance, some bring duct tape as a cure all for items such as torn luggage, broken handles, etc. In similar fashion some opt to bring along mini sewing kits for those unexpected clothing malfunctions. Others swear by baby wipes for uses of wiping off tables, cleaning their hands when no sink is available, or commode uses when in ports. Binoculars are another recommended item among cruisers. Miscellaneous items can quickly plentiful if you follow every tip you read. So my suggestion is to give thought to each item and whether or not you genuinely feel you will require it during your cruise.

When it comes down to it each cruiser has their own preferences, but I hope this article has helped guide you in the right direction. One last thing…don’t forget the sunscreen!

If you enjoyed this article and want helpful tips about cruising, check out Mr. Alexander’s website at http://whattodoonacruiseship.com

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Well, hopefully you've got a better idea of what's going in those suitcases now, enjoy your holiday!

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