What Every Mum Thinks at Her Daughter's Wedding

Posted on 26th February 2016

After the Bride, the Mother of the Bride is the second most important woman at the wedding, the most important woman in her life (her daughter) is getting married. She's excited, nervous and her heart is so full of joy that words can't really capture it. We'll try though. Here are 6 thoughts that run through every mum's mind on her daughter's big day.

"My baby's all grown up now." It may surprise you but weddings are a major milestone for mums too. It seems like only yesterday she was watching nervously while you took your first steps and now she's seeing you walk down the aisle. I goes without saying, how proud she is.

"I've been waiting for this special day since the day she was born." If you're not a mother yet, some day you'll understand this feeling. Of all the hopes and dreams a mum has for her daughter's future (and there are plenty of them!), finding someone who is as madly in love with you as she has always been is every mum's dream come true.

"Oh to be young and so in love" Whether she is divorced or happily married, every mum fondly remembers the feeling of young love and the magic atmosphere that filled the air on her own wedding day.

"I hope I look like the mother of the bride." It may be your wedding day, but naturally, mum wants to look her best too. After all, she is either the host of the party or the guest of honour. She would do anything in her power to make sure this day, her hair, her makeup and dress, are absolutely perfect just for you.

"She is the most beautiful bride I have ever seen." Chances are, mum won't hesitate to tell you this out loud a couple of times, however, she'll be thinking it to herself all day long. As she helps you get into your dress, watches you walk down the aisle and say your vows and when you have that first dance with your new husband. She's so proud the beautiful young lady you've become, inside and out.

"Don't cry, Keep it together." Then inevitably the emotion overwhelms her and she wells up. Like you, mum doesn't want to be a blubbering mess on your big day. Unlike you though, very rarely does she actually succeed in keeping it together for the whole day and night.



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