Wearing Gloves As Fashion Accessory: Top Tips For Wearing Gloves Stylishly

Posted on 25th November 2015


It's good to incorporate some style when you're wearing gloves to keep your hands warm during the winter, but if you want to remain fashionable there are still some rules to abide by.

Gloves are practical at this time of the year - They help keep your hands warmer as the winter weather gets colder. But as well as keeping the frost away from those fingers, gloves are becoming more of a fashion satement in their own right.

Not everyone chooses their gloves to be following trends, but at the same time, it doesn't hurt to pick gloves that bring a little more style to your outfit. Here are some of the things the fashion experts think you should consider when picking a pair of gloves for fashionable and practical purposes:

1.) If you have a prefererence for plain colored gloves, pick a pair that have texture and more details.

2.) If you want gloves with colours, don't match them exactly with your outfit or scarf, choose a shade that complements.

3.) Shiny gloves should be kept for evening parties, or stay away from them completely.

4.) Likewise, steer clear of mittens too, this isn't an  appropriate style for adults.

5.) If you do have to wear gloves for an evening party, you only really have two colour choices - black or white - that way it won't clash with your evening dress.

Also remember, there is some proper etiquette when wearing gloves:

6.) Remember to take your gloves off before you eat, you can place them on your lap under a napkin, it's also good manners take gloves off when you're on the dance floor with your partner.

7.) Watches and rings should be worn under the gloves, not over them, bracelets are OK to wear over your gloves.

8.) Day gloves should to be worn outdoors only and taken off when indoors.

9.) Evening gloves don't have to be removed when you're shaking hands, except when you are meeting dignitaries.

10. Gloves should fit perfectly on your fingers, loose fitting or frayed gloves will not look good.



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