Tips to help you look 10 years younger

Posted on 11th June 2015

Your hair and skin have tell tale signs that give away your age. But with these few tips and tricks for getting younger looking skin and healthier looking hair, you'll be looking years younger in no time.

1. Luminise. With a luminising moisturising cream your skin will look more luminous and will have a more even tone. Apply luminising moisturising cream to the bridge of your nose and to the top of your cheek bones.

2. Always choose brown rather than black for your eye make-up as black makes your eyes look smaller. Avoid harsh lines with your eye make-up; soften the arch of your eyebrows to prevent them looking cartoonish as you get older.

3. Fill your eyebrows in with a colour that's lighter than the colour of your hair. If you have light hair, try using a tinted eyebrow gel.

4. If you wish to use blusher, use cream rather than powder. Creams will blend seamlessly and settle into the skin. it's best to avoid gels as they can be difficult to blend in to more mature skin.

5. Say no to sparkly makeup it accentuates fine lines, instead opt for a satin or matte finish.

6. Always choose a lighter colour for your hair, dark hair will look harsh against your skin which highlights wrinkles, lighter hair will soften your face.

7. If you get warmer highlights around your face, like honey or golden tones, this will soften the appearance of any fine lines. A salon gloss is one of the easiest ways to get your hair looking younger.

8. If you have any grey hairs, it's probably a good idea to get your roots toughed up once a month.

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