Tips On How To Look Good With Condici Dresses

Posted on 21st July 2015

A wedding is always a memorable day — not just for the wedding couple but also for their mothers. Aside from the bride’s wedding gown, people will also pay attention to the elegant dresses of the mothers-in-law.

Condici offer the most elegant look for every occasion, especially during weddings. Its line of products range from short and long dresses with boleros, coats, jackets, and coordinated hats — which makes for a perfect and complete collection. Condici dresses are made of luxurious fabrics such as silk that comes in different colours. Plus, soft chiffons and elegant crepes are there to add a bright touch because of their pretty colours.

Here’s how to look good by wearing the appropriate Condici dresses for every occasion and every body type.

  • For women with curvier figures, ensure that the jacket is long enough to cover the hips in order to create a more streamlined and longer silhouette. Wearing long jackets over straight dresses flatters all body types and is instrumental in disguising thick waists and larger buttocks.
  • For petite women, wearing shorter, fitted jackets will make them look stunning and accentuate their trim figures. A jacket layered over a sleeveless shift dress is perfect when you want to keep warm but still be fashionable.
  • For women who are a bit conscious about showing their upper arms, using matching wraps to cover their shoulders might help. Another option is to wear Condici cover-ups paired with short-sleeved dresses.
  • It’s also important to play with patterns. Prints and patterns are a breath of fresh air amidst a sea of monochromatic outfits. This is recommended for plus-sized women because accent lines drawn along waistline can create a visual camouflage seamlessly and effortlessly.
  • Who says polka dots aren’t a fun choice? Condici dresses have them in stylish colours for different seasons and occasions.
  • Choosing the wrong combination of colours can ruin other people’s overall impression on a woman’s fashion choice. For this reason, it is essential to combine the right colours, depending on a woman’s skin tone, body type, size, the specific occasion or event she is attending, and the accessories as well.
  • Women should pay attention to the fabric of the dress, as the garment can either flatter the figure or make one look flawed. It is much better if a fashion expert will do this because she can dress a woman according to her visual and physical strengths. Not to mention, owners and salespeople of a boutique also know which of their products are best for their customers. Don’t hesitate to seek expert advice when buying Condici dresses.
  • Lastly, choose a hat that complements the outfit. Ensure that it is not worn at the back part of the head but on the crown. Women should also consider the color of their hair and skin when selecting hats.

To look their best, the rule of thumb is that women should look a bit understated (i.e. nothing too flashy) and elegant. Condici dresses can definitely provide that sophisticated, classic, yet modern vibe to give your overall getup that extra pizzazz.

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