Tips for Picking the Right Accessories for Lucia Dresses

Posted on 26th October 2015


Lucia dresses are flowy and elegant dresses that you can wear for a special evening event or a formal occasion. These dresses are light, elegant, and fashionable, they are also perfect for weddings and garden parties, their slimming effect makes them perfect for any body type. 

Although Lucia dresses are elegant and stylish on their own, it is still best to pair them with the right accessories to make yourself really stand out from the crowd. 

Here are some tips for picking the right accessories for Lucia dresses:

Lucia dresses are long and flowy so high heels are often necessary, you could pair them with a good pair of stiletto shoes.

Long Earrings
Lucia dresses have an open neckline so it is best to wear long, dangling diamond earrings. This will accentuate your neck and your face and it will make you look more elegant and classy.

As mentioned earlier, Lucia party dresses have open neckline. So, it is a good idea to pair this dress with a choker or a long necklace. This will draw attention to your neck and chest area, it will also enhance the beauty of the dress. 

Diamond or Gold Bangles
Lucia dresses make you look like a Greek goddess, especially the light and pastel-colored ones. So, it is a good idea to wear gold or diamond bangles to achieve that look. 

Gold or crystal-studded hair bands
To achieve that Grecian goddess look, you can wear a crystal-studded headband. This will draw attention to your face and it will add elegance and sophistication to your overall look.

A good watch
In lieu of gold bangles, you can wear a fancy gold watch instead. Actually, even silver, or stainless-steel watches will go great with these dresses, as long as they have elegant designs.

A minaudiere is a small bag that is embellished with precious stones, sequins, and beads. This bag is perfect for evening events and formal occasions. This is also a perfect accessory for your Lucia dress. Pick a minaudiere that is big enough to carry everything that you will need for the night, but not so big that it becomes hard to carry around the party.
It is also best to don an up-do hairstyle if you are wearing a Lucia dress. This will give you a clean look and it will draw more attention to the dress. You can try the princess braid up-do, the classic pony tail, or the elegant coiffeur.

It is also best to pick accessories that match the colour and the style of your Lucia dress. For example, if you are wearing a red Lucia party dress, you can wear red shoes and carry a red minaudiere. But, it is always safe to wear red or white shoes and bags as they go with any colour.  
Also, be careful not to over-accessorize. The Lucia dress is perfect by itself, so no need to over-accessorize.


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