The Little White Dress - A Shoppers Guide

Posted on 9th October 2015

Most of the time, the spotlight is on the little black dress. But, times are changing and the little white dress is slowly building a reputation as the ultimate party dress.

Like the LBD, the little white dress also exudes simplicity and elegance. It goes with all types of bags, shoes, jewelleries, and other accessories. It is also perfect for all kinds of events- weddings, proms, office events, formal evening occasions, and garden parties.

But, not all little white dresses are the same. So, how do you choose the right little white dress for you?

Consider the event.

If you are wearing the little white dress to a wedding, then you should pick the fancy and lacy type. But, if you going to a summer garden party, you can wear a simple, strapless white dress.

Here are some the white dress types that you can wear:

  • Shift dress – This is perfect if you are attending a party where there will also be a number of children in attendance, or a simple adult afternoon garden party. You can wear this any time of the day. This dress also has a casual vibe.
  • Maxi Dress – If you are attending a beach wedding or a summer garden party, this white dress style is the best for you. You should pair this with a wedge and a good bag.
  • Lace and Eyelet Dresses – If you are going to fancy garden wedding, this is the best dress style for you. Lace white dresses exude elegance and sophistication.
  • Shirt Dresses – Shirt Dresses are perfect for casual events and everyday use. So, if you plan to use your LWD to the office or at school, this is the perfect choice for you as it is not that revealing.
  • Cocktail dress – If you are going to an evening party or a cocktail, you should go for a shimmering and embellished white cocktail dress.

Pick the dress that fits your body type.

You have to pick the right dress for your body type. If you have a fuller and curvy body, you can go for the shift dress as this accentuates your chest, hips, and other curves. If you have an hourglass figure, you can go for body hugging pencil white dresses.

Pick the right fabric.

One thing that you should consider when picking the right little white dress is the fabric. If you prefer the flowing type, then you should pick dresses made of chiffon and other light fabrics. If you are into fancy fabrics, you can pick white dresses that are made of satin, lace, and velvet.

Your style and preference.

Of course, you should consider your own style and preference in picking the perfect little white dress. If you are a beach bum type, you can go for the strapless, spaghetti straps, or maxi dresses. If you are more of the conservative type, you can go for shift or pencil type dresses. If you are the hip and tomboyish type, you can go for the shirt dress.

The little white dress is clean, classy, and elegant and it is giving the little black dress a run for its money!

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