Ten Reasons Not to Wear Make-up Every Day

Posted on 27th August 2015


Many girls start wearing make-up from early teens, in some cases it looks like you'd need a hammer and chisel to remove it! Alls sorts of whacky colour mixes are experimented with at this age until the right look is found, the putting on of heavy make-up can then become a daily routine for many years.

Nowadays with all the focus around the effects of what we put into our bodies, maybe we should look at what happens to the outside too.

Here are ten reasons to take a break from your make-up, even if it's only a couple of days a week.

1- Make-up can fill your pores with silicon.

A lot of make-up brands have silicon in them, silicon is known for its plumping benefits but stuffing your pores every day with silicon and other potentially toxic chemicals could start to break down the pores and enlarge them, this results in open pores that may never shut. When you sleep your pores open and breathe, this is why it's a good idea to make sure your face cream is the exact same science of your own skin so as not to cause irritation and keep the pores in tip top condition.

2- Do you really need it at your age?

Young fresh teenage skin doesn't need tons of make-up. It really is much more beautiful than you can ever imagine. We can tend to pick out every little flaw on our face then try to maximise it. Maybe you are a little older? Don't hide those wrinkles, make-up only gets stuck in them. Actress Lucille Ball once said, 'the secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly and lie about your age.'

3- What you're putting your face quite literally goes into your bloodstream!

You may have heard the stories about how you swallow approximately 25 lipsticks in your lifetime, but did you know that using eye make-up remover and inhaling the mist from your perfume can be equally as toxic should it get into your blood stream? Coconut oil makes a good alternative as a remover and better to use a none spray fragrance dispenser.

4- Make-up can drain your purse.

Theres lots of ads and YouTube videos telling you what you 'need' for that look, it's so easy to fall into buying large quantities of foundations, BB creams and other skin products, then there's eye shadows, mascara and lipstick, it's endless, and it all costs money. You've probably got more money in you make-up bag than you have in your purse!

5- You can develop an allergic reaction.

It may sound surprising but you can suddenly develop an allergic reaction to something at any time - whether that is cream, bread or any beauty product. Your body puts up with a harmful product for so long and your immune system  automatically fights off the nasties, then it suddenly decides enough is enough and gives up the fight, now you have an allergy!

Also anything that ends with Sodium Benzoate or some form of acid is usually attacking your delicate skin rather than nurturing it and keep an eye out for BHT and BHA, research has shown these contributes to some major illnesses.

6- Be confident at all times

Make-up covers a miriad of flaws, which aren't really flaws but just a little blemish that may have developed over time. Love yourself; whatever you look like and that confidence will radiate more than any complexion enhancer ever will.

7- Think of the Animals.

It can reasonably be assumed that if there's a 'Not Tested on Animals' sign it's safe. Yet some cosmetics still have animal products in their ingredients and it is often unclear whether they have been acquired legitimately. Doing your research on each brand you use is important, whilst it may sound long-winded, the thought of those animals being in pain far outweighs. Charlotte Tilbury, Aesop and Aveda and are all brands that use natural resources.

8- Inner Peace.

Although you may love full on glamour, hair and make-up, it can be quite liberating going out on occasions with no make-up on. Going make-up free take's a little courage and can be very rewarding. People get a chance to see your natural beauty.

9- Time.

The daily routine of putting on your make-up can take a good chunk out of your day, taking a break from it could free up some extra time in bed or just a little more relaxation time.

10- A little goes a long way.

By going make-up free you start to get used to it. So when you do go back to your make-up you can often just use the essentials. You may also notice your skin starting to clear up on it's own, it will produce it's natural oils and diminish those blemishes, therefore you won't need the full whack just to pop out for a pint of milk. Maybe lust mascara and lipstick, and that's all. Easy to take off and still got a lot of impact!

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