Sleeves and the art of summer layering

Posted on 26th August 2015

In a recent Guardian article, Lauren Cochrane deals with an issue that prevails at this time of year, "dressing for weather that is actually quite cold but pretends to be otherwise".

Lauren says that you needn’t freeze your way through this cool, wet ‘swinter’ and that sleeves can help you ride out the season in comfort and style.

It seems that long sleeves and layering are the answer to those awkward days when you just can't trust the weather to keep you warm and dry but dressing up for winter is not an option either.

According to Lauren "Layering is a bit of a cult way to dress right now, with a duster coat worn over a long-sleeved, knee-length dress the uniform of twentysomethings".

She goes on to say:- "To combine the whole sleeve and layering thing, wear a short sleeve over a long one. It’s not exactly revolutionary, but it’s very 90s"

However you look at it, don’t freeze in a T-shirt or vest top because it looks like it should be warm outside. Instead, go for those sleeves, layer up and be warm, cool, dry and stylish.

You can read the full article below.

Sleeves and the art of summer layering

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