Mother of the Bride Duties

Posted on 24th March 2016


As the mother of the bride you have much to contribute to the wedding, you are the guardian and loving angel of the bride. You have to look after the smooth functioning of the marriage ceremony and ensure that this special day becomes a memorable one too. Plan out your work beforehand so that you can leave a touch of your elan in all you do.  

The Arrangement
A wedding is a big affair and there are several arrangements to be looked after, ask your friends and relatives to recommend vendors for the various jobs, you will get authentic information this way. 

The Venue
Talk to the bride and find out if she has a preference for a venue or if she wants a theme party. Accordingly, search for and make a list of venues to inspect. 

The List of Invitees
The bride may not know all the relatives and friends of the family, help her to prepare the master guest list for her special day. Make sure that you are the contact person for any communication if the bride is settled elsewhere, you will also have to talk to the groom’s family to get a list of their invitees. You will be taking the burden off her shoulders and helping her to relax. 

The Trousseau 
Help the bride choose her trousseau, wedding dress and peignoir; she might feel some confusion about what she will look best in. 

The Bridal Shower
Help the bride organise the bridal shower and rehearsal dinner if she is having them, attend these events and make yourself a part of the celebrations all through. 

The Wedding Day
You will have to incorporate the traditional family celebrations into the ceremony; make sure you have planned that out beforehand. 

Prepare Yourself
Do not neglect yourself while preparing for this big day, you have to look and feel your best because you will be the one escorting the bride down the aisle, receiving the guests and dancing with the father of the bride. 

For the bride, this is the most important day of her life, so make her feel special, give her a shoulder to depend upon and tell her that she is the brightest and most beautiful star in your lives. As the mother of the bride, give her the love and confidence to make her wedding day an unforgettable one.

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