Joseph Ribkoff Dresses: A History and How-To Manual

Posted on 29th July 2015


As Miss America’s official clothing sponsor, the brand of Joseph Ribkoff is one of the most sought-after labels in fashion. The brand was first established in 1957 by Joseph Ribkoff in Montreal, Canada. This was the period where he saw a sweeping change in the world of fashion. During the next decade, fashion rejected conventional types of clothing. It was an era where social traditions were broken by unique clothing styles. That change will not be possible without the involvement of Ribkoff, who was just a young fashion designer back then.

Since then, he is considered as one of the best driving forces in the fashion industry. Joseph Ribkoff  was able to establish success in Canada’s women’s wear and later on, reached the international market.

Despite his age and fame, the thought of retiring from the fashion industry has yet to cross Joseph Ribkoff’s mind. Instead, he still thinks of expanding the business. With the help of his very own design team, he was able to tranform his inspiration into actual designs.

One ingredient in his business’ longevity in the market is the people behind the brand. Team effort is exerted, starting from the discussions and brainstorming, up to carefully scrutinizing the latest trends in fashion. His people’s insights are important especially when it comes to digging questions, studying the trends, as well as in examining the design for the sake of customers.

The second ingredient that makes Joseph Ribkoff dresses popular is their target consumers — women who:

  • particularly want to stand out from the crowd,
  • like recognition on how she does things differently, and
  • love to catch the attention of admiring males.

As for adapting to changes in order to meet the consumers’ demands, Joseph’s company is always open to transitions, which result to expansion of new and existing markets. He invests in new technologies, more spacious showrooms, and learning indicators on how to make people anticipate more products from them.

What separates Joseph Ribkoff from his competitors is his ability to create spirited designs for every customer. It’s up to each and every customer on how they would like to present themselves by wearing Joseph Ribkoff dresses. For Joseph, studying how to please customers is key in successfully managing a business.

A lot of his products are worn by women in offices, court proceedings, and even simple errands such as going grocery shopping. When it comes to cleaning Joseph Ribkoff dresses, however, only the process of handwashing is required but dry cleaning can be considered as an alternative option. Cleaning them properly is crucial so check out the instructions below.

  • While filling the sink with cold water, add 2 tablespoons of mild liquid detergent.
  • Put the clothes under the soapy water but make sure that the fabric hasn’t been rubbed or scrubbed.
  • After that, replace the soapy liquid with clean water to rinse the clothes and remove soap residues as well.
  • Remove moisture from the clothes by firmly pressing them between one’s hands. Never try to squeeze or scrunch the clothes as doing so may cause damage.
  • Hang to dry.

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