How The Duchess Of Cambridge Wears High Heels All Day

Posted on 19th June 2015

Kate Middleton is one of Britain's greatest style icons and when performing her public duties is seldom caught without her heels

But just how does the Duchess remain comfy the whole day?

Kate Middleton

Image by See Li [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Her secret has now been revealed. She supports her heels with special insoles from Alice Bow, a brand name created by London-based business owner Rachel Bowditch.

"Kate recently purchased several sets of the Alice Bow cushioned insoles at Selfridges in London," a resource told U.S. Weekly. "She received variations of the sole for both level footwears and also heels in a variety of shades. The Lady is a fan of the brand name.".

According to the brand name's web site, Alice Bow high-end soles are handcrafted in London from Italian leather as well as first class orthopaedic cushioning that cushions the ball of your foot. The insoles are slightly sticky on the back so they stay put in your footwear and they can even be put on with open-toed heels.

They come designed for either flat shoes or heels and also are readily available in a wide variety of stunning colours, so Kate can match them to her heels of the day.

Alice Bow Insoles

Since Kates's high heel secret was disclosed, it seems demand for the Alice Bow soles has escalated.

Alice Bow released a notice on their web site informing clients that demand for the insoles has sky-rocked.

"We've experiencing a delightfully unexpected quantity of orders currently," the statement says. "We make all our insoles by hand and will work as quickly as we can to complete all orders.".

Alice Bow insoles are offered from, priced at £13.90 per set.


Source: Huffington Post

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