Do You Wash Your Makeup Brushes?

Posted on 12th June 2015

makeup brushes

According to a recent survey, only 61% of women are bothering to clean their makeup brushes once a month, and that's if they ever bother at all.

The survey which was conducted by Harris Poll for world leader in beauty tool design Anisa International, discovered some women are cleaning their makeup brushes to a fashion, but not as much as they really need to.

Nearly 39% of the women surveyed cleaned their makeup brushes less frequently than once a month, and 22% admitted to not cleaning them ever.

The most common excuses for not cleaning brushes were lack of time and not knowing how, 20% of women in the survey weren't even aware that makeup brushes needed cleaning.

Anisa Telwar-Kaicker, founder and CEO of Anisa International is said to have commented that today's women are spending large amounts on cosmetic brushes for their makeup but they are not caring for them properly which can have an adverse effect on both brushes and skin.

It's interesting to note that 65% of women who do clean their brushes say they do it to avoid bacteria, spots and blemishes.

So how often should you be cleaning your brushes?

Makeup experts advise spot cleaning brushes after every couple of uses, and then giving them a deep clean every 2-4 weeks.

Follow this simple how-to guide to get perfectly clean brushes:

1. After every two or three uses, use a brush cleaner spray on a piece of kitchen roll to spot clean and sanitise your brushes.

Brush cleaner dries pretty instantly which means it's quick and easy and you can clean the brushes while you are using them.

For your foundation brushes you can add a little facial cleansing oil to help break down any stubborn product.

2. Deep cleaning is recommended every two to four weeks and best done at night so that the brushes have plenty of time time to dry.

The easiest way to do this is to use the palm of your hand, pour a little baby soap into your palm and gently swirl the brush around, massage it with your fingers until makeup breaks down.

Hold the brush in an upright position as you don't want water to drip down inside the ferrule which can damage your brushes.

3. To let your brushes dry, don't stand them upright in a pot but lay them on their side on the edge of a table or worktop.

Sometimes the cleaning process can change the shape of your brush so use your hands to gently reshape.

By morning your brushes should look and smell clean and fresh, makeup always looks better when applied using clean brushes.

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