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Condici dresses ‘tick all the boxes’ for the discerning mother of the bride or groom. Condici dresses come in a variety of wonderful colours and are outstanding quality ensuring you will look ‘a million dollars’ on your daughter’s or son’s special day.

We also have hats, hatinators or fascinators to complement perfectly all our Condici dresses as well as matching shoes and handbags.

We normally have in excess of 100 Condici dresses in sizes from 8-20 in our dedicated mother of the bride/groom room. You are welcome to browse if you wish, or if you prefer, we can make suggestions as well as provide help and assistance. You will be surprised the number of times even a Condici dress on the hanger is passed over but turns out to be exactly what you were looking for, after trying it on. This is where our skill and experience can help. You will not be pressursied into purchasing and can spend as long as you want before reaching a decision. Remember, you are our best form of advertising and we do not want you to leave our shop looking anything less than truly outstanding.

Husbands/partners are always welcome to join in and give their opinions. They often swing the balance in deciding between your final shortlist of 2 or 3 outfits.

Condici on Location Spring 2018 from Condici Limited on Vimeo.

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