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Mothers of the Bride take longer to pick outfits than Bride herself.
Posted on 10th June 2016

We found this article on The Mail Online, there's a lot of pressure on mum to get it right on that special day - take a look.

Mother of the Bride Duties
Posted on 24th March 2016




As the mother of the bride you have much to contribute to the wedding, you are the guardian and loving angel of the bride. You have to look after the smooth functioning of the marriage ceremony and ensure that this special day becomes a memorable one too. Plan out your work beforehand so that you can leave a touch of your elan in all you do.  



What Every Mum Thinks at Her Daughter's Wedding
Posted on 26th February 2016



After the Bride, the Mother of the Bride is the second most important woman at the wedding, the most important woman in her life (her daughter) is getting married. She's excited, nervous and her heart is so full of joy that words can't really capture it. We'll try though. Here are 6 thoughts that run through every mum's mind on her daughter's big day....

5 things every Mother of the Bride should do on the wedding day
Posted on 22nd December 2015

The 2nd most important woman at any wedding is the Mother of the Bride. You may not have thought about that but it's true, she's also a main 'guest of honour' and for that reason, she sits in the key seat on the front row, left side of the aisle. Along with the honor though, comes a lot of responsibility. After all, whether they've paid for it or not, everyone treats the bride's parents like the hosts of the wedding reception. Before you can bask in the glory though, you have to be prepared to do at least these five things.

Wearing Gloves As Fashion Accessory: Top Tips For Wearing Gloves Stylishly
Posted on 25th November 2015


It's good to incorporate some style when you're wearing gloves to keep your hands warm during the winter, but if you want to remain fashionable there are still some rules to abide by.




Which Bag Style Should I Buy?
Posted on 17th November 2015


Choosing the right bag is every woman’s dilemma. Well, there are many factors that you should consider in determining which bag style you should go for.





Why You Should Buy Condici Dresses
Posted on 29th October 2015

Condici is one of the oldest fashion houses in UK, they use high quality materials. These dresses are usually worn by the mother of the bride or Groom but any lady who wants to look extra special and elegant for a party can wear these amazing dresses.

What to Wear to a Garden Party?
Posted on 29th October 2015



It is always a joy to go to a garden party, you’ll have a fun time dancing, eating fancy cakes, drinking wine and chatting with friends, all in the natural beauty of the garden setting, but what will you wear? We give you a few tips on what to wear and what not to wear to a garden party.