6 Alternative uses for lip balm

Posted on 26th June 2015

We all know lip balms are supposed to be used on your mouth, but did you know that little stick you keep in your bag has many other uses other than just keeping your lips form looking frayed?

Here are a few ways you can make that lip treatment stick work a little harder:

Care for your nose
Lip balm can actually help sooth rough, dry skin around your nose! If you have a cold and keep blowing your nose, eventually you're bound to get patchy, dry, rough skin on your nostrils, apply a little lip balm and it’s gone!

Groom your eyebrows
If you've forgotten your brow gel, or just don't feel like having to buy some, lightly tap a little lip balm along your eyebrows as you brush them into place, the waxy texture of the lip balm will help keep those brows from straying without feeling sticky.

Shaving cuts
Lip balm is perfect for dealing with post-shaving cuts, it soothes the pain and stops the bleeding in just a few seconds so you don't have to leave the house looking like you've just been attacked!

Treat frayed cuticles
If you're out and you start to get an annoying cuticle, rubbing a little lip balm on it will help to moisturise the area and keep peeling pieces down, so they're less likely to snag on anything.

Tame flyaway hairs
Lotions can make your hair look really greasy, but did you know lip balm, keeps those baby hairs down and under control without being visible on any stray strands.

Stop shoes chaffing
The waxy texture of lip balm is a great barrier for your skin against the painful friction of new shoes. Just rub a little balm wherever you're feeling the rub, try to do this with your finger rather than rubbing the applicator directly on your foot.

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