5 things every Mother of the Bride should do on the wedding day

Posted on 22nd December 2015

Mother of the Bride

The 2nd most important woman at any wedding is the Mother of the Bride. You may not have thought about that but it's true, she's also a main 'guest of honour' and for that reason, she sits in the key seat on the front row, left side of the aisle. Along with the honor though, comes a lot of responsibility. After all, whether they've paid for it or not, everyone treats the bride's parents like the hosts of the wedding reception. Before you can bask in the glory though, you have to be prepared to do at least these five things.

1. Manage the family.
If you know that there are certain relatives who get on your daughter's nerves, don't insist that she include them in everything on her wedding day. She'll need some space to get ready without any stress or drama. Be the security on your daughter's bridal suite and keep those wolves at bay until after the ceremony.

2. Marshall the males.
That includes the bride's father, try to keep him on schedule too, don't let him upset proceedings by being late. Work with the mother of the Groom to make sure all of the gentlemen will be dressed and fully ready to go at the correct time so that the bride doesn't have to even think about it.

3. Be sure the bridal party is eats.
They're bound to be drinking (champagne or some other spirit) and it's very easy for them to get a little tipsy on empty stomachs. Not good start before the ceremony even takes place! Plan ahead with your daughter, try to have food and soft drinks available for the ladies so that they too can have something in their tummies.

4. Make sure you're ready.
Don't bring two outfits and ask your daughter to choose one at the last minute, she doesn't need that extra stress. The biggest gift you can give her is for you to be organized and ready so that if she needs a little extra help, you're already dressed and you can be there for her.

5. Be the voice of reason. 
If something goes a little wrong, stay calm and try to correct it. Things do sometimes go wrong and as mum to the bride, you will spot it. Unfortunately there are some things that just can't be fixed — such as the florist bringing the wrong flowers as everybody is arriving. Instead of getting irate, tell your daughter how unimportant this detail is in the grand scheme of things and how you'll laugh about it later. Minimise potential problems and help her to focus on the good things happening around her.

The best thing a mother of the bride can do on her daughter's special day is to just be there for her, You are her mum, and on this special day, she needs you.



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